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Monday, December 13, 2010

1,2 Billion Euro to Top 10 European Research Institutions

The Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) is the biggest ever investment made by the EU in assuring its future as a knowledge-based society. It builds on the successes and experience of previous FPs that have grown in ambition over the years. FP7 has a budget of some €50 billion over the seven years from 2007-2013, constituting an annual average investment that is substantially higher than in previous Framework Programmes and that will, by the end of the period rise, to around 10% of the public spending on research by Member States.
A recent FP7 Evaluation Report claims that the principle of excellence in project selection is largely achieved. In much of the  Cooperation  Programme to which nearly two-thirds of FP7 funding is allocated, leading researchers are being funded.
The Top 10 research organizations account so far for 1,2 billion Euro and the Top 50 for 3,1 billion Euro of EU contributions.
The 10 Top organisations are:

Organization Country Participations EU Contribution €M
1 CNRS FR 501 231
2 Fraunhofer Ges. DE 331 153,1
3 CEA FR 234 118,7
4 Max Planck Ges. DE 238 115,4
5 Univ. of Cambridge UK 215 97,8
6 EPFL CH 165 97,4
7 Univ. of Oxford UK 176 96,7
8 ESF EU 9 93,5
9 ETHZ CH 170 91,7
10 Imperial College UK 175 86,9
Source: FP7 interim evaluation report Nov 2010

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