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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Winning Robot Boat from Austria

Image: INNOC ASV Roboat

Austria's ASV Roboat remains the undisputed world champion in robotic sailing. The completely automatic sailing boat from the  Austrian INNOC research team was able to defend its title against eight competitors from the USA, Great Britain, Canada and Germany at this year's World Robotic Sailing Championship (WRSC) in Canada from the 7th to the 10th of June 2010. All in all, the participating boats had to prove their worth in six disciplines. By using artificial intelligence, robotic sailing boats can, in the long term, be set on any course – fully automated and without human involvement. INNOC – Austrian Society for Innovative Computer Sciences is an independent research center founded in 2005 and located in Vienna, Austria. INNOC focuses its scientific work at Cognitive Systems, Robotics, Electronics and Embedded Systems.

Research on marine mammals with robot boat

INNOC is developing an autonomous sailing boat to act as a maritime research platform for passive-acoustic monitoring (PAM) of marine mammals. The project is a joint research project with Oregon State University.  Possible applications of the Roboat technology are intelligent sensor buoys, safety on sailing boats, CO2-neutral in transportation of the goods, reconnaissance and surveillance, robot boat as sailing instructor, supply vessel. 
The € 0,44 Million three year project (2010-2013) is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Funding Programme Sparkling Science

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