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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Robotic Theater at Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw

At the brand new Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw Polen, three robotic actors are ready for the grand opening on Friday 5th November. The RoboThespians will be performing two scientifically-themed plays in both Polish and English within a purpose built theatre. One play is based on the short story “Prince Ferrix and the Princess Crystal” by Stanislaw Lem. 
Below is a preview of the Robotic Theatre – Teatru Robotycznego.

The fully programmable humanoid robots are developed by UK company Engineered Arts Ltd. specialised in the design and build of imaginative, interactive exhibitions, audio visual and mixed media installations. RoboThespian™ robot actors, which are installed in science museums and public venues around the world have  three major applications: to meet and greet visitors, to interact with the public, and to perform. At the Shanghai Expo 2010, "Jack" the RoboThespian greeted visitors as they walked through the Macau Pavilion exhibition area. At the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh "Andy Roid" the RoboThespian greets visitors entering the roboworld exhibition. 

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