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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anime Robots Made in Japan

Japanese love anime, humanoids and robot competitions. To combine these three for promoting humanoid robotics training and education is the goal of the new organization Robot Yuenchi (RY) established by well known humanoid robot companies like Kyosho, Kondo, Himeji Software Works, Robo Garage, and the humanoid robot competition organization ROBO-ONE 

RY will promote robot competitions and events, with the support of industry experts from participating companies and other groups to educate and excite students and the public using a variety of classroom tools, TV and stage demonstrations, exhibiting humanoid robots, flying robots, distribution of magazines, active participation in workshops, and other activities. RY aims also to develop and promote robots based on commercially available designs that utilize robot anime characters. Major robot anime intellectual property companies, like Sunrise and Bandai are already active members of the ROBO-ONE organization.

The first ROBO-ONE contest was held in Japan in 2002 and consisted of an initial judged autonomous "Demonstration" stage, followed by one-on-one matches.

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