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Monday, October 25, 2010

€ 13,9 Million for Open Ambient Assisted Living Platform

As the European population ages, more support is needed with fewer hands to cater for their needs. There is a huge market potential for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions, but adoption is limited because they require significant resources for implementation. 
universAAL is a FP7 project started in Februari 2010 aiming at creating an open platform and standards which will make it technically feasible and economically viable to develop Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions. The consortium is built of major industrial and research players in the field, including key participants from earlier projects.  EU is supporting the € 13,9 million project with € 10 million. 
Image: GRB/Infonaut

universAAL is one of the major founders of the Ambient Assisted Living Open Association (AALOA). The mission of AALOA is to create a shared open framework for developers, technology and service providers, research institutions and enduser associations to discuss, design, develop, evaluate and standardize a common
service platform in the field of Ambient Assisted Living.

The AALOA Manifesto defines the rationale around which several European projects decided to join their efforts. It is a call for action addressing all the stakeholders working in this area. The association is currently in the incubation stage, where the subscribers to the Manifesto are organized in
two groups: promoters and supporters.

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