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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Winner of Robotdalen Scientific Award 2010

The winner of the Robotdalen Scientific Award 2010 is Matei Theodor Ciocarlie from Columbia University, USA, for his thesis on robotic grasping. 
Ciocarlies research interests are robotic perception and action in unstructured environments, 3D-modelling and computer simulators for physical systems. He has received several awards for his work. Ciocarlie participated in the Robotdalen Scientific Award competition with his PhD-thesis Low-Dimensional Robotic Grasping: Eigengrasp Subspaces and Optimized Underactuation. The thesis aims at reducing the complexity associated with robotic grasping without compromising versatility. 

The jury’s statement was:
The thesis presents fundamental advances in robot hand grasp representation studied in the contexts of practical applications that strain the field's envelopes of understanding and performance. Ciocarlie first introduces simple low-dimensional hand posture subspaces that are nevertheless adequate to represent complex grasps. The work is illustrated and validated with an insightful blend of theoretical exposition and practical implementation. The jury was particularly impressed by the depth and breadth of the contributions, theoretical and practical, applicable to robot and prosthetic human hands, and general enough to encompass natural-world as well as laboratory and factory applications.

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