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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dancing Robot Swan

The Dying Swan turns smooth and gentle, sometimes dramatic and fiery as the Tchaikovsky's majestic music from the ballet Swan Lake is playing. But this is no ordinary ballet dancer, but a robot in the form of a swan, created at Mälardalen University and choreographed by professional dancer Åsa Unander-Scharin. On September 23 to 26 displayed swan robot for the first time to the public in Sweden's largest book fair in Gothenburg.

"We would like to explore where the boundaries of what a robot can do, what human expression that can take and how it affects people's perception of the robot when it appears in art and dance, "says Lars Asplund, Professor of Computer Science at Mälardalen University in Västerås. He has designed the approximately one meter tall dancing swan on the basis of a robot that was previously a thesis student of robotics, Alexander Larsson. The robot swan is built by a so-called modular system and in the white wings, neck, beak and feet are a total of 19 different joints, which makes it very flexible.

The idea for the dancing robot hatched jointly by Lars Asplund and his colleague Kerstin Gauffin, who works with theater at Mälardalen University. "With our tail, we are showing that we can use robots in new ways: simply because they are beautiful and give the audience experiences, "says Kerstin Gauffin, who wants to see robots play theater venues along with" ordinary "actors.
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