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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Robotic Mannequin for Virtual Fitting Room

The most advanced robotic mannequin for online shoppers comes so far from Estonia! Researchers from the Intelligent Materials and Systems Laboratory of Institute of Technology, University of Tartu, and the Center of Biorobotics at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia have developed a robot robotic mannequins to mimic the shape and size of online shoppers.

At a virtual fitting room for online clothing retailers gives online shoppers a tool to try clothes before buying. After the customer has entered their body measurements, they can see the fit of a clothing item – like in the real-life fitting room. The robotic mannequin is used to mimic the shape and size of the customer and the customer can see photos of the mannequin wearing different sizes of clothing.

The world’s first Virtual Fitting Room for online clothing retailers was recently launched in partnership with Hawes & Curtis, the leading UK specialized business and luxury shirt retailer.

Automated mannequins have been introduced in Japan first by Japanese Flower Robotics and have been available for purchase or rental since 2009. Available in two styles, full body and upper torso, the “Palette” mannequins carry sensors that can detect people around them, turn towards them, and assume appropriate positions. The robot mannequins are equipped with “intelligent systems” that record audience reactions and help them learn over time which poses are likely to generate a positive response. “Motion design software” also allows the people in charge to design and program a specific series of poses.

In 2010 the cardboard robot mannequin D+Ropop was launched by Japanese Eager s the worlds first eco-friendly robot. Besides using recycled materials, the system has a number of benefits which include: lower cost, light weight (4kg); printable surfaces allow company logos to be displayed; customizable motion routines; and a variety of configurations.

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