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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Robot Park in Switzerland 2011

Crêt-du-Locle in the Neuchatel canton in Switzerland is planning to open the first European robotics amusement park Robosphere in 2011. The project "A platform for the robotics world" is aimed to be an open and permanent forum devoted to developments in the robotics field, whether technological, artistic or ethical. The robotpark will attract 45.000 external and 30.000 local visitors per year. At Robosphere visiters can find fun areas for learning about the world of robotics, anauditorium with 200 seats, robotic amusement rides, workshops for fun learning,libraries and multimedia libraries. There’ll also be a shop of robots, with regional products, robotic stands and areas for the little ones.

Outside there will be an area for remote-controlled robots (cars, helicopters, etc.) as well as green areas created for all the family.

The project is supported by the Swiss Confederation and benefits from a 560 000 euro launching budget (about 800 000 Swiss francs).

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