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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Robot Land - Total Brand Development

Incheon Robot Land Company Limited has awarded Pico Far East Holdings Limited, based in Hong Kong, a global Total Brand Activation Company, a contract for the development of the world’s first-of-its-kind robot theme park -- ‘Robot Land’.

Pico, incorporated in the Cayman Islands, is specialized in exhibition and event as well as other distinct businesses including museum, theme park, interior, brand signage, conferences and show management, as well as exhibition hall management. The Group employs some 2,400 people with an international production and sales network covering 31 major cities worldwide.

Incheon Robot Land, when completed, will be the world’s first robot theme park with exhibition halls, robot experience halls, learning facilities and entertainment facilities. Pico is appointed as the sole creative director and project manager for the whole schematic design of Robot Land. It is expected that the contract will be completed in the financial year of 2010 while the first phase construction has already commenced. The park is planned to open in 2013.

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themebiz said...

This project never made it past its concept stage - and the concepts were overseen by a Korean team with no experience in either robotics or theme parks, so many of the most important components of a successful robot-themed park were cut, including anything and everything historical and all references to robots in pop culture/movies and television. The budget was never even close to reasonable. And saddest of all, the American designers who worked so hard against such an unprecedented schedule for this project have yet to be paid. Shame on Robot Land and it's primary consultant, Pico Far East Holdings!