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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Philips Helping Robot Arm

(Image: Philips Applied Technologies)

Dutch R&D company Philips Applied Technologies (PAT) is developing a new robot technology that allows people to safely benefit from robot assistance in a wide range of human-interaction applications. The company has demonstrated a people-friendly robot arm that could be a helping hand for many people in the future.

The company lists elderly, disabled people, care providers, doctors and factory workers as potential users. Wheelchair bound people could use the the robot arm to open doors or perform other tasks, allowing more independent living. Even factory workers could be assisted by a robot arm, either so that they can work more efficiently and cost-effectively, or so that they can avoid the need for expensive safety measures.

PAT is a contract R&D organization and supports all phases of the innovation process, from concept, design, engineering to mass production. The company supports Philips and external customers such as market leaders, fast growing companies and start-ups.

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