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Friday, March 19, 2010

€ 600 Million for European Robotics Research

The European Robotics Research Program with start year 2000 has involved more than 900 participants in over 120 projects with a total funding of € 600 million. EU has contributed with appr. € 450 million. More than 6.000 man-months have been funded in cognitive vision, cognitive systems, advanced robotics and interaction projects.

Within the FP7 (2007-2013) about 50 new projects have been launched, of these are 19 related to Call 4. Research topics span from bio-inspired locomotion, motor control, dexterous manipulation, haptics and robot vision, to human-robot interaction and sensor networks.

According to a recent Global Robotics Analysis conduced by Infonaut nearly 50% of the world's robotics researchers are from Europe. Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain are the leading robotics research countries with totally 5.000 researchers.

A network analysis of the European robotics research community shows the dominance of a small group of high ranked researchers, who are driving the European robotics research agenda and its scientific outcomes.

The great challenge for the coming years will be to transfer scientific knowledge and technology faster and more competitive into new products and solutions that can strengthen European industry and contribute to sustainable growth and prosperity in Europe.

European robotics is aware of this challenge as demonstrated at the first joint EUROP/EURON meeting in San Sebastian, where academia and industry discussed plans to speed up European robotics research and development.

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