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Friday, February 05, 2010

Robot@CWE Project finished

On the 11th of December the final review meeting of the EU-funded FP6 project ROBOT@CWE: Advanced robotic systems in collaborative working environments (Contract No 34002) took place in Paris.

The prime objective of this project was to establish a concept for, and develop prototypes of, a collaborative working environment, conceived such as to include robots and, by so doing, to improve productivity and safety. In the ROBOT@CWE project a robot is seen as a working agent that can simply be "plugged" in a collaborative working environment (CWE) related to a given application context. As the robot connects a given CWE (similarly to any working agent), it inquires the tasks that have been assigned to it by a supervisor or another human/robot working agent. During the review meeting two live demonstrators with the HRP-2 and the HOAP-3 humanoid robot were presented as a concrete proof of a successful integration of the knowledge and the software components that have been developed all along the three years of the project. The project emphasized on the challenging issues in robotics, e.g. physical collocated collaboration, remote teleoperation, collaboration where the robot is "sandwiched" between two users, and learning techniques for skill transfer.

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