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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fire Fighting Robots against Pirate Attacks

The increased number of attacks in the Gulf of Aden off the African shore has forced several countries, including Russia, to send warships to patrol the troubled waters.

The Centre of Fire Robots Technology in Petrozavodsk, northern Russia, has modified a fire fighting robot to fend off attacks by pirates. It can ‘wash away pirates along with their weapons’ and even sink their boats.

A total of 12 robotized security fire robot are needed to protect a ship. Security fire robot SFR-LSD-S40U in Marine Modification, with discharge 40 l/s, at the range of 70 m under discharge 0.8 MPa, it is supplied with round-the-clock observation and moving sensors. The system of TV-observation allows determining of moving units and their coordinates in the adjacent water area.

The water cannon is powerful enough to wash away boarding pirates and even sink their motorboats.

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