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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gostai wins Microsoft ACES 2009 Award

French Gostai wins the ACES 2009 Microsoft ICT Academic Enterprise Awards Europe. This prize awards a successful company spin out from academics research, ENSTA Paristech Cognitive Robotics Lab in the case of Gostai.

The core technology is URBI, the Universal Real-time Behavior Interface which is a powerful parallel script engine coupled with the UObject component architecture, usable to control hardware and software components in a flexible and portable way.

The cognitive robotics researchers at ENSTA ParisTech are working on perception and machine learning to endow robots with capabilities to work autonomously and in interaction with humans. One of the main research topic is the problem of grounding symbols in perception in the framework of developmental robotics. We are also working on mobile robot navigation and Human-Robot interaction.

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