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Thursday, November 12, 2009

€ 405 Million for Flying Demorobot nEUROn

Image: Saab
At Swedish Saab in Linköping the construction of Europe's experimental Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV), nEUROn, has now started. The nEURON is a €405 million cooperation between several European countries, with French Dassault as master builder. France will provide €202.5 million, half of the program's €405 million budget, while the remaining funds will be supplied by the other participating member nations. Sweden has a 25% stake in nEUROn, with Saab’s responsibilities including supplying its core avionics and mission computer, working on its autonomous capabilities and manufacturing its front and centre fuselage.

nEUROn is a delta wing stealth UCAV demonstration project and not for military operational deployment. A main aim of the nEUROn programme is to sustain and develop European manufacturers' aeronautic and other technologies for next-generation combat aircraft and UAVs.

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