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Thursday, November 19, 2009

€36 million Q3 loss for ABB Robotics

ABB has no plans to sell its Robotics division despite $36 million loss in Q3according to ABB CEO Joe Hogan. In the long run he believes in Robotics because robotics solutions will be demanded the coming 5-6 years to other industry segments and not as now concentrated to the auto industry. ABB is repositioning now and will return stronger when the recession is over.

A positive sign comes from China, where ABB´s robots have become the highlight of in the new hall of the China Science and Technology Museum in Beijing. With a creative theme and interactive program, the ABB robots have The presentation allows the audience, especially young visitors, to experience the excitement of robotic technology, providing an informative and memorable science lesson.

This May, ABB Engineering (Shanghai) inaugurated a new multi-business manufacturing facility in Shanghai, doubling ABB’s manufacturing capacity for robotic products in China.

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