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Monday, November 02, 2009

$ 100 Million for Japanese Robots

In the past several years, the Japanese government has funded some $100 million for the first phase of a humanoid robotics project, and development of key robot technologies until 2010. The government estimates the national robotics industry could surge from about $5.2 bln in 2006 to $26 bln in 2010 and nearly $70 bln by 2025

At EXPO 2005 Aichi World Exhibiton Japan presented about 100 next generation robot projects to demonstrate the countries leading positon in robotics research and development. There were robots that can come into practical use by 2010 and a diverse range of prototype robots expected to emerge around 2020. Some examples are presented below.

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Four years have now passed since the Robot exhibition in Aichi but there is still a long way to go until some of these prototype robots will hit the global mass market.

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