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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Health Robot NAO

Dr Octavian Purcarea, Global Solutions Manager, Worldwide Health Team, Microsoft Corp. reports on this blog about the use of robots at the San Raffaele Hospital, one of the leading University Hospitals in Italy, to train diabetic children to take the insulin injections. According to Dr. Purcarea the training is so effective that children are showing total adherence to the treatment and become even “proud” to have such condition which allows them to be seen and filmed with the robots. The films are than showed (with the parents and children consent) to the classmates who discover that having diabetes and being obliged to treat yourself is not such a fatality but an excellent occasion to learn a new healthy behavior and even play with robots.

The robots used are Nao's developed by the French company Aldebaran Robotics. The robot is a 58-cm biped robot, that can be programmed and controlled using all available platforms. The hardware has been built from the ground up with the latest technologies providing great fluidity in its movements and offering a wide range of sensors. Demovideo (Quicktime)

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