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Sunday, October 25, 2009

French Robotics Cluster _ Cap Robotique

Cap Robotique is the first business cluster in France dedicated to the robotics industry. Cap Robotique is opened to every company or laboratory which wants to bring its expertise to the French industry of the domestic service robotics. The cluster gathers yet prestigious protagonists like the CEA LIST or the CNRS LAAS, but also various innovative start-ups, recognized experts of their fields, like Gostai, Spir.Ops or also Voxler.

The Romeo project is a founding and federative project which aims to design, within 3 years, a general public robot, tall and autonomous, dedicated to the service. Officially launched the 22th of January of 2009, the project is mainly financed by the “Ile de France” French region, the French DGE and Paris city. Aldebaran Robotics led the consortium in charge of its development, composed of 13 world-renowned companies and laboratories.

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