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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

UK Robotics Hot Spots

A recent report, commissioned by the HSBC Commercial Bank, predicts that six UK regions will become Robotics hubs in the future business landscape of the UK: Birmingham, Edinburgh, Essex, London, Manchester and Plymouth.

Birmingham has a respectable position in the robotics field, with names like Kuka Automation and Robotics, based in Halesowen. The School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham has an established and growing international reputation for research and teaching in Computer Science, AI and robotics. The School has nearly 90 active researchers and the robotics research group conducts research in a number of sub-fields of intelligent robotics and related areas such as statistical machine learning.

The Institute of Perception, Action, and Behaviour at the University of Edinburgh is focused on activities related to how to link, in theory and in practice, computational perception, representation, transformation and generation processes to external worlds.

The Essex Robotics group is one of the large mobile robotics groups in the UK.Robotics research at the University of Essex focuses on autonomous mobile robotics, and addresses a wide range of research questions.with advanced mobile robotics research facilities such as the Essex Robotics Arena featuring the world's largest powered floor and a real-time 3D VICON motion tracking system.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College in London is leading in research into medical robotics for neurosurgery.

The University of Plymouth was the first to provide an undergraduate degree in Robotics and Automated Systems in 1992. The University now offers degree courses at BSc, BEng, MEng and MSc level in Robotics supported by an active research group. The key research strands include human robot interfaces, natural language communication, cognition and reasoning and visual and haptic interfaces.

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