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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Top European Robotics Researchers

The three finalists of Robotdalen Scientific Award 2009 have presented their research at the SWAR'09 workshop today.

Mario Prats, Jaume-I University, Castelon, Spain talked about this PhD thesis "Robot Physical Interaction through the combination of Vision, Tactile and Force Feedback" and its applications to assistive robotics. The purpose of his research is to advance towards autonomous, robust and versatile manipulation. By integrating the grasp and the task robotic manipulation can get an innovativ breakthrough. Pdf

Davide Scaramuzza, ETH Zurich, Switzerland presented his PhD thesis "Omnidirectional Vision: from Calibration to Robot Motion Estimation". A car is equipped with an omnidirectional camera and the motion of the vehicle is purely recovered from salient features tracked over time. The developed algorithm can runs at 400 Hz on a normal laptop and is sofar the most efficient visual odometry algorithm. Pdf

Sami Haddadin, RWTH University, Germany presented his research "Towards Safe Robots: Approaching Asinov's 1st Law. The ”Impact” of the Robot’s Weight Class". The desired coexistence of robotic systems and humans in the same physical domain, by sharing their workspace and actually cooperating in a physical manner, poses the very fundamental problem of ensuring safety to the user. In his paper he shows the influence of the robot mass and velocity during blunt unconstrained impacts with humans. Pdf

The prize ceremony takes place on the annual conference Robotdalen Day in Västerås, Sweden on September 9th.

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