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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Italy Robotics Top Talent Hunt

The Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) offers eight PhD positions at the Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department (RBCS). RBCS is the home of the iCub humanoid a small-size robot being designed by the RobotCub Consortium, consisting of several European universities. The main goal of this platform is to study cognition through the implementation of biological motivated algorithms.

The RobotCub consortium is a multidisciplinary group of leading laboratories from across the globe. The commonality between the groups is their interest in understanding and replicating human cognitive processes. These groups bring specific expertise in humanoid technologies (Genoa, Pisa, Lausanne, Zurich, Sheffield, Lisbon, Cambridge, Tokyo and Kyoto), in developmental psychology (Uppsala), Neuroscience (Ferrara), and human-humanoid interaction and social behaviour (Hertfordshire).

In April 2009 eight iCub robots have been delivered and are in use by other institutions in Europe and the total count will reach 20 at the end of 2009.

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