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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EyeSeeCam wins 10.000 EURO award at Danish RoboDays

EyeSeeCam from University Hospital in Munich Germany won among 25 nominated research projects the international robot award at 10.000 euros at the annual RoboDays robot festival in Odense, Denmark, and is worth 10.000 Euros.

EyeSeeCam is a unique camera system that is controlled with the eyes. It is the only system that can record what the eyes of its user really see. Unrestricted user mobility and field of view as well as the utilization of biological image stabilization reflexes are main benefits of EyeSeeCam.

EyeSeeCam was initially developed at the Institute of Neuroscience of LMU Hospital under Prof. Thomas Brandt. The current versions were refined by Dr Schneider within CoTeSys and also used as a very useful tool in several other CoTeSys projects.

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