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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Danish Industry´s Robot Vision

Within the next five-ten years, Danish industrial firms are expected to have acquired many flexible production systems. In a foresight study from The Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, experts list some important features that robots will have:
* increased use of computer vision
* increased flexibility and change-over capabilities in terms of type of
* increased safety levels in relation to interaction with humans and surroundings and will contribute to a better working environment
* more modular within the individual robot series
* internal logical decision-making systems that continuously prioritise the
robot’s tasks.

The industry’s needs in robot-based innovation within a time frame of ten years are primarily related to further development of the robot technology that is in use today. Creating more investment-friendly standard solutions within cognitive robot technology presents huge challenges even though cognitive in this regard is only sensing through vision along with other sensors and preprogrammed reaction patterns. The Danish industry would like to see a shift focus towards establishing a better balance between the interests of industry and the very research-intensive part that is needed outside of industry. It is also important for the industry that the focus is not only on new application areas, but more on increasing efficiency and penetrating the existing application areas.

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