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Monday, September 07, 2009

Biorobotic systems and AAL Scenario

The recently published Ambient Assisted Living Roadmap of the European Ambient Assisted Living Innovation Alliance (AALiance) includes an R&D state-of-the-art overview about biorobotic solutions including biorobotics for personal autonomy and for care, cognitive and companion robots, biorobotics for neuro-rehabilitation, exoskeleton-like machines.

I an Assitant Robot Scenario 62 years old electronic technichian José works in the Repairs Office of a company that makes microwave ovens. The company has adopted the AAL approach and equiped his environment with sensors that constantly monitor and recognize the positions of workers, documents and objects. A smart assistant robot has also been adopted for moving objects. José works with a PC and and with mechanical and electrical tools to work on microwave ovens that are sent to him for repair. When a broken oven arrives at the warehouse , a message is sent to José and he calls the smart assistant robot to move the system from the warehouse to his office. The smart assistant robot is able to move safely around in the company space, recognizing the presence of people and avoiding any obstacles in its path. When José finishes his work, he instructs the assistant robot to move the microwave oven from his office to the warehouse in order for it to be sent back to its owners.

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