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Monday, March 30, 2009

Security Standards for Servicerobots

Swedish Standards Institute, SIS, has recently announced to invite the Swedish robotics community to define and influence the development of global security standars for servicerobots. Step first will be to focus on security standards for service robots for personal services, the next step will be to focus on security standards för health and caring robots.

According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), a service robot is a robot which operates semi or fully autonomously to perform services useful to the well being of humans and equipment, excluding manufacturing operations. Service robots are in use in military applications, in private homes and in society.

In Japan, professional service robots are emerging for applications such as security, patrolling shopping malls and for reception-type applications, especially as robots for hire. In addition, surgery, telecommunications, and robotics have combined to enable remote surgical systems.

Monitoring activity in this area is important, including progress in the development of standards in general—such as those that the Object Management Group is promoting.

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society has established the Service Robots Technical Committee as a forum for exchange of information related to the design and development of service robots.

RoSta - Robot Standards and Reference Architecture is the main international contact point for robot standards and reference architectures in service robotics. The main objectives of RoSta are:
- Action plan for a standard defining activity
- Action plan for a community driven open-source activity
- Gaining international recognition as a standardizing community

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