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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mobile Robot for Elderly Care

A new solution for elderly care is the synergetic combination of an embodied mobile robotic companion in an ambient assited living environment that supports carers, both family members and therapists, in their daily tasks. The CompanionAble Project started January 1, 2008 and coordinated by The University of Reading, UK. The project is aimed to provide the synergy of Robotics and Ambient Intelligence technologies and their semantic integration for a care-giver's assistive environment. This will support the cognitive stimulation and therapy management of the care-recipient. This is mediated by a robotic companion (mobile facilitation) working collaboratively with a smart home environment (stationary facilitation).

German MetraLabs GmbH is responsible for the design and implementation of the Robot Companion Scenario. MetraLabs is the leader of WP6 and also contributes to the robot specification (requirements engineering, standards, robot technologies), the architecture and the verification of the robot.

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