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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Healthcare Robotics 2009

The 6th annual RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition taking place April 15-16, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts features a dedicated ‘RoboMedicus’ track and sessions focused on Healthcare Robotics and Healthcare Automation to identify business opportunities in this important and growing market.

Robotics technology is now being applied to many different areas of healthcare, including physical therapy and rehabilitation. With traditional physical therapy, many therapists often work with one patient, to support their limbs and help them move. It is now possible to use robotic technology to perform the same rehabilitative tasks using less people while providing a more consistent and lengthy training regimen, while tracking patient's progress with great precision. The result is a better level of care at reduced cost for the service provider.

Telepresence: Working-There, without Going-There
The invention of the telephone transformed life in the 20th century by enabling us to talk-there without going there. Telepresence, an emerging set of diverse technologies that make it possible to work-there, without going there, is poised to transform the 21st century. The commercialization of telepresence systems, however, has not kept pace with advancements in the technology. In this session John Merchant, President, RPU Technology will speak about opportunities telepresence in diverse fields including corporate communication, exploration and transportation, as well as how telepresence systems can be monetized.

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