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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Robotics Handbook Wins “Oscar of Scientifc Publishing”

9 months after its publication, the Robotics Handbook was recognized with the PROSE Award in the Engineering & Technology Category, as well as with the Award for Excellence in the overall Physical Sciences & Mathematics Category.

Key Topics

  • Robotics foundations
  • Robot structures
  • Sensing and perception
  • Manipulation and interfaces
  • Mobile and distributed robotics
  • Field and service robotics
  • Human-centered and life-like robotics


  • Comprehensive coverage of research and development in robotics
  • Scientific resource for both experts and non experts in the field
  • Technical contents laid out in a tutorial setting
  • A coherent three-layer organization: robotics foundations, consolidated methodologies and technologies, advanced applications
  • Anchored in seven parts expanded into sixty-four chapters with interconnected presentation of subject matter
  • Developed in about 1650 pages with over 950 color illustrations including422 four-color, 80 tables and over 5500 references
  • Detailed index and fully searchable DVD-ROM providing rapid access todata and links to other source

Springer Handbook of Robotics
Siciliano, Bruno; Khatib, Oussama (Eds.)
2008, LX, 1611 p. 1375 illus., 422 in color. With DVD., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-540-23957-4

Online version available

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