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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Infonaut Trendwatch - Ambient Assisted Living

Many new concepts and solutions have been developed focusing on the living environment and facilities like Smart Homes, Smart Living, Connected Homes, Home Networking, Independent Living and Assistive Living. New services like E-Health, E-Care and Telecare are under development and the results are promising even when learning curves and investments are still high.

The concept of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), launched in 2006 by the EU as part of its “Aging Well in the Information Society” Action Plan, focuses on aging people and their real needs based on a conceptual framework of ageing in a life course perspective.

AAL is now promoted by the European Union and more than 25 national governments to develop assistive technology that can support elderly people to live longer and better in their homes and to stay in touch with their families, friends and caregivers.

The AAL Joint Programme is initially a six-year funding programme (2008 – 2013), with a planned total budget of about 700m €, of which 50% is public funding and 50% private funding from the participating organizations. The public funding consists of contributions from the AAL partner states (approx. 210m €) and from the European Community (max. 150m €) for the duration of the AAL Joint Programme.

Infonaut has recently started to watch facts, trends and business opportunities in Ambient Assited Living. For more information please visit Infonauts AAL-blog or contact Infonaut.

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