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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Robotic Telepresence in TV studio

Natural Partners Inc., one of the largest distributors of Professional Only Natural Health Supplements in the West Coast, and producers of the "Well Rounded" and the "Well Well Well" television series, has begun using robotic telepresence on its Well Well Well TV Show which will enable easier access for Doctors and other Medical Professionals to participate in the TV show without having to travel to NPI's Scottsdale studios. Through the use of RoboDynamics' robot TiLR, guests on the show will be able to participate remotely from their homes and offices through the use of a computer and broadband connection - and will no longer need to travel to Scottsdale in order to participate on the show. When TiLR is not in the NPI studios, it will assist the warehouse operations staff of NPI, enabling rapid face to face communications with various suppliers and other stake holders, leading to faster and more streamlined warehouse operations.

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