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Monday, October 27, 2008

Household robot demo in Tokyo

Toyota Motor Corp and Tokyo University’s Information and Robot Technology Research Initiative , IRT, have jointly developed a prototype of a household robot that can clean up rooms, smoothly put away dishes from a dining table and pick up shirts and put them in a washing machine. According to a press release the 155-cm, 130-kg humanoid robot excels in the capacity to distinguish and perceive objects such as furniture and cleaning equipment. The robot is equipped with two arms, five recognition cameras and laser sensors. It gets around on wheels.
The robot also analyzes past failures and corrects its behavior patterns.

Toyota and Tokyo University’s IRT said the robot has been designed to help cope with the predicted labor shortage stemming from Japan’s aging society and low birthrate. The developers said they will keep improving the robot and hope to start marketing it in around year 2015.

See Reuters Video.

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