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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Neural Headset

California based NeuroSky is providing solutions to effectively interface bio-signal information, including brainwaves, to consumer electronic products such as music players that automatically select songs by analyzing the feelings of users, as well as devices to support nursing-care work and to measure learning effects. NeuralSky's MindSet reads brain waves, known as EEG's, and the brain's activity can be utilized by computers and other devices.

NeuroSky plans to demonstrate a brain-controlled video game at the 2008 Tokyo Game Show starting on Oct 9 at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, near Tokyo. A brain-controlled video game is expected to hit the Japanese market as early as 2009.

The MindSet™ is the first commercially available, "consumer-ready", brainwave-controlled headset for the mass consumer market. The headset reads and interprets different mental states associated with the headset user and transmits that information wirelessly to a variety of platforms. Utilizing NeuroSky's fully-embedded, ThinkGear-EM technology, which manages the brainwave acquisition and interpretation chores, the MindSet communicates equally well with game consoles, PC's and mobile platforms, including cell phones. The MindSet is currently available to NeuroSky's OEM customers.

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