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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Future of Robosaur Pleo

In an intervju with Gizmodo UK Ugobe's Steve Bannerman talked about the future for Pleo Robot Dinosaur. So far 55,000 units of the little robosaur have been shipped worldwide. Retail price for Pleo is $349, which means 1,9 million dollars total sales.

A visit at the PleoWorld Community Forum, where Pleo owners can register and download software updates shows that 17016 users have signed in so far. A search by user name results in 15332 members. 6315 members have also registered its Pleo by name.

In June Ugobe has raised another 12.8 million dollars in additional venture capital for the purpose of extending the Ugobe robot line. Taiwanese manufacture Hyield Venture Capital Company, a division of FoxConn Technology led this recent round of funding that included the Frontier Management Group in Shanghai, China, and Maxima Capital who launched Dell's Asian operations facilities. This brings the total funding raised by Ugobe so far to 24 million dollars.

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