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Thursday, August 28, 2008

New exoskeleton for wheelchair users

Wheelchair markets are expected to grow as the baby boomers age and will need more technical support for continued mobility through disability. Rehabilitation becomes more prevalent and baby boomers will be willing to pay directly for mobility and comfort as they do for homes and cars now. This trend will assure market growth worldwide and opens market opportunities for new technical solutions such as exoskeletons and robot suits.

Israelian Argo Medical Technologies Ltd is one of the first companies in the world to offers a exoskeleton called ReWalk™, the first commercially viable upright walking assistance tool. ReWalk™ is a wearable, motorized quasi robotic suit that enables wheelchair users with lower-limb disabilities to stand, walk, and even climb stairs. For potentially millions of wheelchair users, ReWalk™ delivers a new perspective – on the world, on themselves, and on life.

Japanese company Cyberdyne has recently established a new research and development laboratory and manufacturing center which will allow manufacture of 500 robot suits per year.

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