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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

iRobot Lawn mower

Robot Stock News reports that iRobot has designed a lawn mowing robot according to a new patent filing. iRobot considers various configurations including an all-electric model and a gasoline-electric hybrid, as well as various shapes ranging from the familiar Roomba-like disc to a pentagon shape to a four-wheeled model to a "tombstone" shape.

That´s good news for consumers who still have to pay a high price for automated garden assistence. Innovation and competition is really needed on the lawn mover robot market dominated by a few manufacturers such as Swedish Electrolux, Italian Ambrogio and Australian Friendly Robotics. When iRobot entered the market for home robotics with its iRoomba vaccum cleaning robot the market lifted up. Lets hope iRobot can repeat its success strategy in the lawn mover segment too.

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