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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aibo meets Pleo

On May 23, 2008 robodog Aibo met baby dinosaur Pleo for the first time. The Japanese-American Robotics Meeting took place at Infonaut Robot Lab conducted by Wolfgang Heller, who is experimenting with intelligent machines to find out what works today, peoples reactions and future demands.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Robot World 2009+

USA: Robot World US$ 3,4 million private investment

The winner in the global robotics competition will be those countries with the best robotics researchers and engineers. The great challenge is to encourage young people to pursue careers in science, math and technology.

In the USA the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh has recently announced plans to open a robotics exhibition next spring called "Roboworld". The $3,4 million exhibition will permanently occupy a 6,000 square-foot exhibit area on the second floor of the Science Center and will feature more than 30 hands-on, interactive exhibit stations in three thematic areas focusing on robotic sensing, thinking and acting. And it will include members of the Carnegie Mellon University Robot Hall of Fame. The exhibition, which also will pay homage to portrayals of robots in popular culture, will capitalize on the work of area universities and businesses that have developed an international reputation in robotics.

Roboworld is made possible in part by $1 million leadership gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bozzone and from The Grable Foundation. More than $2.5 million has been raised toward the construction of roboworld, with approximately $1 million still needed to complete the exhibition.

South Korea: Robot Parks US$1.6 billion public investment

In The South Korean government has plans to build two US$1.6 billion Robot Parks close to the capital Seoul by 2013. The parks will be attached to the port of Incheon and another at Masan, and will showcase “an array of robotic marvels allowing visitors to interact with tomorrow’s machines.” It will also showcase the government’s “Robot Ethics Code”, aimed at “preventing robot abuse by humans”.