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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Asimo robots invade Germany

The University of Bielefeld has opened up a new research Institute for cognition and robotics (CoR Lab). Interdisciplinary research groups at the lab will be working on the development of robots with cognitive and social abilities that will make them suitable assistants for people in everyday life.
As a partner of the lab, Honda of Japan has provided researchers in Germany with two humanoid Asimo robots complete with software. The CoR Lab is thus the first university in Europe that can play around with Honda's high-tech robots for research.
The CoR Lab gets part of its funding from the Ministry of Innovation, Science, Research, and Technology in the German state of North Rhine/Westphalia, which has provided 1.1 million euros for the establishment of the Institute. The lab will mainly be focusing on research in the fields of artificial perception, computer site, and neural motion control.

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