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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Robotics Journals ranked by impact

The below table shows the citation impact of robotic journals based on their 2005 "impact factor," as enumerated in the current edition of the Thomson Scientific Journal Citation Reports®. The 2005 impact factor is calculated by taking the number of all current citations to source items published in a journal over the previous two years and dividing by the number of articles published in the journal during the same period—in other words, a ratio between citations and recent citable items published.
Rank 2005 (Impact Factor):

  1. IEEE Trans. Robotics(1.49)
  2. Autonomous Robots(1.25)
  3. Int. J. Robot. Res.(1.13)
  4. Robotics & Auton. Syst.(0.77)
  5. Robot. Comp.-Int. Mfg.(0.64)
  6. Robotica(0.49)
  7. IEEE Robot./Autom. Mag.(0.45)
  8. Advanced Robotics(0.35)
  9. J. Robotic Systems(0.32)
  10. J. Int. Robot. Syst.(0.22)

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beambot said...

I just wanted to point your attention to a new article on that has up-to-date impact factors for robotics journals, along with historical plots.

Infonaut AB said...

Thanks for pointing. Great link!