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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Japanese robot survey

According to 69% of Japanese want to use domestic robots in the future but 18% do not.
(Google translation from japanese)
“We would like to utilize,” that when the housekeeping which in 222 people who reply is wanted helping concretely in the robot is asked, “cleaning” occupied 90.5% (201 people) with preponderant large number, next “laundry” 50.5% (112 people), “cooking kitchen work” 48.2% (107 people) with became. On the one hand, “care 22.5% of the garden” (50 people), “nursing 20.3% the parent” (45 people) approximately 2 it was restricted comparatively, “playmate 14.0% of the child” (31 people), “shopping” 13.1% (29 people) with continued.By the way, when in the future it becomes some existence, the user you probably think the robot home appliance? “The electrification product 48.8% (161 people) with was most to the last,” below, 28.5% “of the assistants” (94 people), 11.5% of the “housekeeping ladies” (38 people), with continued.

In 2005 MyVoice surveyed 17,958 people registered in the MyVoice community; 42% male and 39% in their thirties.
Q1: Do you think you’d want to use a robot in your home?
I absolutely want to use (13.9%), I probably want to use (36.0%), I can’t say whether I want to or not (29.6%), I don’t really want to use (12.2%), I absolutely don’t want to use (8.3%)
Q2: What sort of robot functions do you want to use? (Multiple answer)
Cleaning the house (58.4%), Crime prevention (55.3%), Home minding (39.2%), Tidying up after meals (34.4%), Clothes washing (26.8%), Ironing (23.1%), Cooking (22.1%), Carrying baggage (21.8%), Healing (19.9%), Play (18.9%), Nursing (17.7%), Driving car (16.9%), Work or study help (15.3%), Communication or chat (15.1%), Health management (12.0%), Child minding or child eduction (10.4%), Others (2.2%), I don’t want to use a robot (11.3%), No answer (0.2%)

Note: the difference between “crime prevention” and “home minding” is probably that “crime prevention” implies detection of intruders, whereas “home minding” is more just monitoring the house, answering the phone or the door, watching the cat, etc.

Q3: If you bought a robot, up to about how much would you pay?
Up to 10,000 yen (11.9%), 10,000 to 100,000 yen (37.8%), 100,000 to 200,000 yen (13.4%), 200,000 to 300,000 yen (7.0%), 300,000 to 500,000 yen (5.2%), 500,000 to 1,000,000 yen (5.0%), 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 yen (1.1%) Over 10,000,000 yen (0.2%) I don’t think I want to buy (18.0%), No answer (0.5%).
Q4: Are you uneasy about the spread of home robots?
I feel completely uneasy about it´(6.7%)
I’m a little uneasy about it (27.4%)
I can’t say whether I am uneasy or not (34.1%)
I don’t really feel uneasy (22.4%)
I don’t feel uneasy at all (8.4%)
No answer (1.0%)

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